Automatic Power Factor Correction Systems

The power factor is one of the problems in electric power quality improvement. In many cases, low power factor causes the waste of electrical energy. In large commercial and industrial sectors, usually used in a centralized system of capacitors in a room for power factor correction. However, changes in the electric power consumed by electrical equipment operated at any time require changes in the capacity of capacitors which must compensate for the inductive nature of the electrical equipment is being operated. A value system that can provide appropriate capacity of capacitors to improve power factor is needed on systems with dynamic changes in electrical load.
Ideally, all customers of electric energy should have a good power factor (close to the value 1) to reduce the cost of electrical energy production. However, power factor corrections should be done the right way for any equipment used. This raises a new problem: how to design a power factor correction systems that can be used for all electrical equipment used. And how for power factor correction systems can also be operated for a variety of electrical load, so it does not need to be plugged at any existing electrical equipment. With this system, the expected power factor can be fixed easily and the system can be used for every electricity customer. With the corrected power factor, the electricity companies no longer must be generated electrical energy that is greater than the needs of customers.
Power factor is one parameter determining the quality of electric power. A good quality electrical power will increase efficiency in the electricity system. With the same production at the customer side, the total electrical energy consumed by customers will be reduced. This will be followed by a decrease in the voltage loss in the distribution system, thus decreasing the voltage drop on the customer side. On the generation of electrical energy, without reducing the electrical energy dollars are sold, the total energy generated will be smaller so that the operational costs of electricity generation will be reduced. With the increased efficiency of electric power, rising power demand next few years can still be supplied by the current generator, so the electricity deficit in this country for a while can be forgotten and needs additional power plant may be delayed.

Using ATmega8535 AVR Microcontroller
Heaviest Electrical Loads for the System 
Modeling using MATLAB
The Performance of the APFC


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